You will immediately gain confidence through the simplicity and clarity of Enjoy’s workshops:


  • the scope for discussion provides you with a great ‘hands-on approach’ to constructiFreshfields-workshops-intro-imgon law topics as well as giving you the chance for intellectual debate on client critical issues.
  • the information makes you more knowledgeable on the subject, and each workshop focuses on the main issues for your clients, enabling you to give clear conclau-fig13_002ise advice.
  • the key aspects of each topic really stick in your mind afterwards as a result of our engaging learning approach.
  • you will find them straightforward to follow and easy to absorb as they break legal concepts down.
  • you will use what you learn on a daily basis.
  • you will experience enjoyable CPD delivered through practical activities with a course facilitator  who is always willing to answer your ‘stupid’ (and not so stupid) questions.