Directory-of-information-of-attorneysYou will obtain excellent training to enable you to master the legal/technical knowledge and core skills relevant to your practice in one of our comprehensive range of half-day (3 hour) construction workshops.logo

  • Avoiding breach by understanding implied terms in construction contracts
  • How can you exclude or limit your liability?wooden gavel and books on wooden table,on brown background
  • Do you feel lucky? The million pound difference between bonds & guarantees
  • Do we really need warranties? If so how can we negotiate them quicker?
  • Make JCT 2011 DB work for your client – 10 excellent reasons to improve its content
  • How to use letters of intent effectively – and avoid their abuse
  • Disaster strikes… or just delay? What to do when your project is running late
  • Avoid the pitfalls by understanding your role at practical completion